WHO we are ... an SITE wellness and health promotion company.

Founded in 2006, Personalized Prevention has developed a niche by providing quality onsite health promotion services (in addition to the on-going administration of customized wellness & health promotion programs) to self-insured companies across the country. Designed with the principles of risk management and the full understanding that hands-on support & interpersonal engagement are the key drivers to successful programming and lifestyle transformation, Personalized Prevention provides a unique service model delivering impactful participation rates and measurable results.

We apply the principles of risk management to benefits

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) identifies the following principles of risk management:

Risk management should:

  • Create value (gain exceeds pain)
  • Be an integral part of organizational processes
  • Be capable of continual improvement & enhancement
  • Explicitly address uncertainty & assumptions
  • Be systematic and structured
  • Be based on the best available information
  • Be tailorable
  • Take human factors into account
  • Be transparent & inclusive
  • Be dynamic, interactive & responsive to change
  • Be continually or periodically re-assessed
  • Be part of decision making process

WHAT we believe ...  SITE ...matters

We believe that face to face interactions with our members provide a necessary framework which supports the relationship between health literacy and health promotion determinants for better health outcomes. Nothing can replace the value of face-to-face communication. In fact, it’s said that over 90% of how we communicate is through non-verbal cues.

  • Our health coaches and clinical staff are catalysts for change
  • Our coaches serve as health educators and advocates
  • Our “personal touch” makes a real difference in achieving results


Q: How do I know if
I have Diabetes?

A:Our screening result sessions
educate and inform individuals
about their numbers and what
they mean to them.

Q: How can I improve
my numbers?

A: Our educators give practical
lifestyle tips and reinforce
personal physician

Q: What if I don’t have a doctor?

A: Our health advocates encourage
and teach the importance of
establishing a medical home.

Employees are more interested in the personal aspects of employer wellness programs because it’s personal to them.

WHAT we do ...

At Personalized Prevention we build and manage modular customized programs designed for your unique population and their risks. Our custom-tailored programs insure each client and each individual employee is provided with the hands-on support and unique solutions that are necessary to achieved optimal health & well-being.

Our goal is to create alliances with our members – not just demand compliance. Our solutions include



  • Project kick-offs/leadership training
  • Initial meetings
  • Strategic consulting/brainstorming new ideas
  • “3 touch” biometric screening
  • Crisis management
  • Health coaching team members
  • Cultural analysis: (on-site) fitness facilities paired with healthy food choices
  • Part time/full time/hourly on-site health promotion specialists
  • Seminars & health management programs addressing major health concerns



  • Assessment tools
  • Points programs and/or tracking of surcharges/rebates or premium reductions
  • Health education for exercise, fitness, nutrition and weight loss
  • Customized branding, messaging and marketing of events
  • Contract agreements or expansions
  • Compliance Management: appeals process, “reasonable alternatives”
  • Back house support does all the heavy lifting
  • Wellness workshops
  • Data analytics and Report outcomes

HOW we do it...

Provide customized programs…We are for you

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GOING... hire to retire

Our mission is to work with employers to provide every individual with the information, education, resources and support to achieve their best health for optimal performance & a vibrant balanced workforce.

  • Matching a worker’s functional capabilities with the essential functions of the job improves talent.

    • Early symptom intervention
    • Ergonomics
    • Injury prevention rather than injury management

    All provide tangible reductions in occupational health and safety of your talent.

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  • Health promotion programs designed to create alliances with our members – not just demand compliance. Our objectives are:

    1. To improve health literacy, including improving knowledge and developing life skills which are conducive to better health.
    2. Fostering the motivation, skills & confidence (self-efficacy) enabling people to increase control over and to improve health.

WHERE...we have been

We provide
services to over
250 company locations
in 49 states.

Creating in-person communication at the proper scale can produce superior outcomes.

Many people are separated by long distances but we believe in the proper scaling of in-person & on-line programs & the related impact on outcomes regardless of where your employees are.


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